My dreams reach far. And my heart beats fast. But my hands are still, To hold this glass. For so long... They hold on... Yet my hands hold, still To a glass, unfilled. My thoughts roam free. As time rolls past. But my hands stay still, To hold this glass. For so long... They hold... Continue Reading →



A morning greet and how are you Sends my mind into a montage. My growing timeline of you. A sunny path and bench near a pond. A shiny floor and bench, uncles bond. A committed love to whom he’s strong. A passionate leader when he is on. Pieces of tiny visions that you give Pieced... Continue Reading →


A sudden change in view, In movement and in tone. No longer am I close to you In the dark, I’m left alone. I was one with the abandoned. What has changed? I am unsure… In the dark there’s misconception In the light the truth’s obscure. (I miss my friend) But in this mud, alone,... Continue Reading →

Blind Spot

"You’re a forgiving child... You’ll be ok.” This is what she told me As I listened to her pain. I watched the Past sway in her glass While she glared out through the rain. ‘All things can be forgiven, but my memories will stay’ (my silent ponder) I study the floor, sip some more And... Continue Reading →

The Puzzle Box

There is a box An ordinary box But inside that box is me. Through masks I hide But locked inside Is what most don’t get to see. The submissive me A clumsy dancer in the wind. A crashing wave against the sea. It isn’t much But she is me. And she wants the world to... Continue Reading →

Checking In

I call to check in And gauge your tone. (An excuse to hear your voice through the phone) The words, "I miss you" nearly escape my lips, As you reminisce About a girl you once knew; And still do. (My throat tenses) We've never actually met Yet I recollect, The feel of your skin, the... Continue Reading →


Worried I’ve lost a face that floods my head And a sex, that floods my heart. Worried I’ve come apart. Because the minute I’m in love Is the minute I come undone. And the triggers to run seem to multiply.


I often think religion  Is a way to control the masses. And though I'm not quick to say it  I'm quick to think that, Those who impose God onto me Are doing so hoping to Save themselves. But nights, when  I'm naked and alone And peering into the darkness  ...crying I feel someone watching me.... Continue Reading →


All I can do Is cry the words "I love you" Into the air. And hope you can hear me From where ever you are And believe  I still care.

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