Too Close

I found something

just beyond my reach.

Attached to a rope, a chain, a wire, a leash.

I tugged ever so lightly…

And suddenly I’m weak.

I could just let go…or,

I could pull in for a peek.

I should just release it

ever so slightly.

At least then I could say,

I walked away

in one piece.


I sit here,

beer in hand. And an

Invisible Tom,

Waits in the mirror.

One more cheers!

Before the tears

Start sounding nearer,

I cry.

And in drunken sadness,

I smile into a memory,

Then fall apart to madness.

Wondering how the hell

He couldn’t tell

How much he meant to me.

The Feather

The feather sweeps and swirls
Down a windless sky.
Landing, lightly spinning
On the curve of an empty swing.
A womb-less mother stops singing.
Lost in the vastness of a thought
Of a dream…
Belonging (once) to the nursery down the hall.
Beyond her sun-dusted drapes
Snakes slither
And herons glide.
And time,
Like the short wave of your hand
(to part ways)
Slips away…
It slips away.


An old woman sinks time away in her garden.

Watering her salvias and forget-me-nots,

Admiring her acacias and tending her hemlocks.

The lines & folds on her face show grace

Where her heart has otherwise hardened.

Grief takes over when her attempts to grow,

Ambrosia, chrysanthemums and clover,

Spring carnations and asphodels instead.

Choking her primrose dusted flower bed.